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Struck By A Car?

When pedestrians get hit by cars, their injuries are often severe. Survivors are commonly left with devastating head injuries, paralysis, chronic back pain or other lasting disabilities. They may be unable to work and are shut out of the activities they once enjoyed. Their financial burdens alone can be overwhelming. The driver, meanwhile, typically escapes unscathed.

How do these inexcusable collisions happen? Many take place in crosswalks, especially in busy downtown areas of the Twin Cities. The motorist may be turning right but looking left at approaching traffic. Speeding and alcohol are often contributing factors. Or the driver might be distracted — texting or talking on the phone, for example. By the time the driver sees you, it might be too late.

We’ll Help You Seek Justice

If an accident has stripped away your future — or that of a loved one — you deserve accountability and justice. Contact the Minnesota law firm of Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz, P.A., for dedicated legal representation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing pedestrians who have been hit by cars. We also assist families with bringing wrongful death claims for loved ones who died in fatal collisions. Whatever your situation, we will help you pursue the compensation you need for a better future.

Standing Up For Your Rights

In pedestrian accident cases, your toughest opponent may be the insurance company. Insurers have a financial incentive to minimize payouts. As a result, they often try to place blame on the victim.

We know how to stand up to insurers and overcome their tactics. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to gather the right evidence, expose contradictions in the other side’s story and establish the facts necessary to support a full and fair recovery.

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