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When Dogs Bite Kids: The Heart-Breaking Aftermath

It’s hard to predict when a dog will become aggressive. Dog bites sometimes happen out of the blue, with no warning. Sadly, young children are among the most vulnerable to these attacks.

Hundreds of children across Minnesota are bitten by dogs each year. These traumatic incidents can have a lasting impact on their young lives.

At Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz, P.A., our lawyers are committed to helping dog bite victims and their families through the heart-breaking aftermath of an attack. We know that there’s nothing worse than watching your child experience pain and trauma, and we understand that you might be overwhelmed as you figure out what to do next. You can turn to our firm for the experience, guidance and advocacy to get the compensation you deserve.

Moving Forward After Your Child Has Been Injured By A Dog Bite

Whether your child was attacked by a family member’s beloved pet, a neighbor’s dog that strayed beyond its yard or a roving dog at the nearby park, it’s important to pursue legal accountability. Minnesota law requires dog owners to be responsible for the actions of their pet. This includes dog owners who had no prior knowledge of aggressive behavior or tendencies.

While you might understandably feel hesitant to bring a claim against a family member, friend or neighbor, in most cases, you’ll be getting compensation from their homeowner’s insurance policy. And there’s no shame or guilt in pursuing this compensation. After all, your child may be dealing with a lifetime of physical or emotional effects from this incident — and you are going to need adequate compensation to them recovery fully and completely.

What You Can Expect In Working With Us

As personal injury lawyers with 50-plus years of experience, we can walk you through what to expect at each stage in the process. Here’s what you can expect in working with us:

  • We are a team of empathetic and caring attorneys who understand the magnitude of your situation. We know that you are heartbroken and worried, and we want to alleviate your stress.
  • Our attorneys are experienced professionals who have a vast network of resources and connections available at our disposal. We can collect the evidence necessary to prove your case and maximize your compensation. We know that securing a sound financial recovery — as well as accountability and justice — is foundational for you to move forward from this tragedy and create the best life possible for your child.
  • We will evaluate the individual circumstances of your case and create a customized legal plan of action geared toward getting the results you deserve. We recognize that every animal attack is different, and various legal standards may apply. You can trust that we will pursue your case with the utmost of care, dedication and professionalism.

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