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Five Tips to Help Divorced Parents Make the Holidays Special for their Children

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Blog, Family Law

By Barbara Nevin

With the winter holidays rapidly approaching, divorced couples face new challenges, attempting to make the holidays special for their children.  What are some things you can do to help make the holiday time special for them in a co- parenting arrangement?


Do not let the ghosts of holidays past govern how you will celebrate with your children during the holidays.

Enjoy the opportunity of bonding with them by creating new traditions.  If you have had formal sit-down dinners in the past, maybe your children would enjoy a new tradition of having an informal meal and watching a holiday movie.  Include your children’s ideas to create these new traditions.

Make sure that you remain flexible.

Sometimes unexpected occurrences may happen, such as illnesses, or flight plans being delayed.  Keep a cool head and be prepared to change your plans if emergencies arise.

Maintain your composure and try not to speak negatively of the other parent.

Most children love both parents and do not wish to hear one of their parents speak negatively of the other. Try to make sure that aunts, uncles, and grandparents follow this rule as well.

Avoid a gift giving competition.

Unfortunately, when parents divorce one parent may try to out do the other to win the approval of the kids.  Try to find gifts for your children that are meaningful but will not break the bank.  Running up high credit card bills will not be in anyone’s best interest.

Put your children first.

Once you divorce there is often a mixture of anger and sadness your children are experiencing.  Make sure they know are there to listen to their concerns.  Try to keep your mood upbeat and it will help to keep your children feel that way as well.

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